Basically, I made a ghost theme...

Posted by xyvs on Jun 22, 2020

In my beginnings as a developer I used to maintain a little ghost site, all I did was to edit an open source ghost theme to fit the needs of the site, the version of ghost wasn't even stable at the time, it was 0.9.x, I even made the transition to 1.x and manage to get the first theme working on the upgrade, then I decided to left the project for personal reasons, around 2 years ago.

Today, ghost if a very mature solution for any kind of projects, and the possibilities that offers are amazing, subscriptions, tags, multiple authors, etc. That's why I decided to make my own ghost theme from scratch. I said, "now that I'm a more mature developer, I'm going to try to exploit all the new features, and make the most powerful ghost theme EVER". But then I realized, that I didn't need all that, so I decided to make, probably, the most boring theme for ghost.

The theme it's used in this blog, and, as you can see it's very, very simple, but it covers all my blogging needs at the time, and I'm sure there are a lot of developer who have the same blogging needs. And because of Ghost, there's plenty of room for improvement on a future.

GitHub repo for aboringhostheme.